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Our target audience including our donor partners, volunteers and the rest of the world are now able to read and download information about our organisation. Thanks to Marina for making this happen.

The good thing about it all is that Marina did not only build the website but also paid to have it hosted by an American Website hosting company. After doing all this work for free, Marina still opted to be available with her services towards any updates we may need concerning our website.

Who ever needs the services of this company Pandora Web Box Greece should not hesitate to contact Ms Marina for once you get it contact with her, consider your work done the way you want it to be. She is an expert in website building and will not fail you or your organisation/institution.

Peter Ndonwie
Acting African Program Director

Violet Mariyacha

Marina has got a very easy approach to the way she does her work. She is patient, she ensures her client is happy. She goes an extra mile to achieve expectation. I recommend her to anyone who needs a website done. I have had two websites designed by Marina. She enjoys biting the deadline. Before you know it your project will be finished.

Violet Mariyacha
Writer of Jocelyn's Phantom Husband book.


Marina's strongest assets are diligence, hard-work, technical excellence, attention to detail and quality, and a passion for web designing. She has a strong respect for deadlines and clearly likes her work. Marina has created for us a model user-friendly website which has improved our online presence, strategically relocating ourselves as an organization. My recommendation for Marina stems from her insatiable eye for quality. Basing on Marina's qualities and abilities described above, I have no reservation in strongly recommending her for any kind of web designing project.

Kambasu Obed


As the Executive Director and Founder of Sisters4Sisters, Inc and The LOVE Movement I am pleased to recommend The Design Pandora Box and their designer Marina.

Marina has provided professional and donated web design services for our non-profit organization which enabled us to reach more donors and volunteers. She clearly demonstrated a heart of compassion and outreach for women who are in need of healing in the areas of Mind, Body and Spirit through her talented art and web design.

Sisters4Sisters, Inc. is a 5013 non-profit organization dedicated to the empowerment of women, girls and families in Mind, Body and Spirit through workshops on personal and professional development as well as community outreach in the areas of Homelessness, Domestic & Sexual Violence, HIV-AIDS and Youth Mentoring.

We are grateful for the exciting web design services of The Pandora Design Box and the professional work and creative donated service which helps to bring awareness, education and safety to survivors of Domestic and Sexual Violence.

The impact of this design work has clearly made a positive impact in our Sisterhood while helping to save the lives of in need. We highly recommend Design Pandora Box as a website company to meet your business or personal website designs .

Carolyn Washington
Executive Director-Founder
Sisters4Sisters, Inc.